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Fake Facebook Post Generator

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Fake Facebook Post Generator,Create Fake Facebook Post Online

It's possible to Prank your friends with Fake Facebook Post updates and Fake Comments. Make Fake Facebook Chat Messages using the Fake Facebook Chat Generator.

Do you want to prank your friends? Today, I am sharing cool Facebook tips that will let you generate fake Facebook post to your and your friend's timeline followed by Facebook comments.

If you missed my guide to creating fake Twitter tweets, you can check it out. You can also create fake Facebook status updates for your friends to fool them. There are many tools available to create fake Facebook wall posts but I am only considering the best one here.

If you use the following tool, you can use your friend's name, status, and profile photo. It is best to use the image's direct link in place of the original URL. Therefore, here is a guide to creating Fake Facebook Post Generator or to fake Facebook chat messages history.

Generate Fake FB Post

fake facebook post generator 2021,generate fake facebook post

Click on the link and then on 'Login with Facebook'. Facebook will ask you for permission to use the application, simply click "Ok".

Then, click the "+Create a new conversation" link to make your first fake status update, along with a fake comment.

As shown in the screenshot above, write the name of the commenter (it would be associated with status updates). Just remember, the first time you fill up all the details, this would be a status update. The next time the full fill-up details would belong to comments.

Choose an image: You can either upload a profile picture from your computer or provide a direct link to an image.

Think of making up a fake conversation with a friend and using their profile picture. You can do so by going to their timeline and clicking on their picture, right-click and choosing "copy image location", then come back to the site and paste the image address into the appropriate field.

"Direct Link of Image". Take a look at the screenshot.

The Comment: Write the text you want to see, and it will be shown as an avatar next to the commenter. Once you complete all the details, finally, click on "Add to Stream". This creates a post comment about your status update. You can add more similar comments.

Once you finish creating your fake status message and add comments, save it by giving it a title and your fake convos account will give you access to it anytime.

Just click Account -> My Convos.

Once you have found a status you want to share, select it, and take a screenshot or take a screenshot by pressing the Print Scr button, opening the Paint and then pressing "Ctrl + V" followed by cropping the image.

If you have the screenshot on your computer, you can share it anywhere on the web, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

There are several other websites where you can use to make fake Facebook statuses.




Fake Facebook Post Maker

fake facebook post creator

We talked about fake convos previously because they don't allow you to fake your Facebook chat history. So, I will use another source to make a fake conversation for our Facebook chat.

You'll also need to fill up the information of both commenters on the simulator. Follow the simple steps. Once you know where you are going. The details of Person 1 & Person 2 are your name and his/her profile picture. (You must download his/her profile picture to your computer to upload it here).

Fake Facebook Chat Generator

If you wish to switch between Person 1 and Person 2 then click on their header tab. Once you have selected a header tab, start writing your message and click "Add message".

The reply will be added to the current conversation, and select the other tab in the same way and write the reply and hit "Add Comment", which will also be added to the current conversation. You can similarly add further replies to the current conversation.

Don't forget that you can also add a separator line ", followed by date or day" anywhere in the conversation by choosing the third "Date" tab. As soon as the process is completed, you may take a screenshot. The FakeInfo site is another place to get ideas for your fake Facebook chat messages.

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